Select the order in which learners will study the materials and attend the trainings of a course, and determine its completion condition and the status format.

  1. On the course page, open the Outline tab and click the Course Settings button.

  2. In the Course Completion Settings window, select the desired settings and click Save

    Module navigationFreeLearners will take any materials and attend any trainings in the order they choose.

    Learners can only take required materials one by one. They can proceed to the next required material only after they take all the required materials and/or attend all the required trainings prior to the course.

    If the sequential order is selected, the training attendance order depends if the administrator selected a training session when enrolling learners in the course or not.

    A session is not selected

    The training in a course cannot be opened and, consequently, its session cannot be selected until learners complete all the materials that are prerequisites for taking the training.

    A session is selectedLearners can open a training in a course any time they wish.
    Completion conditionComplete all modulesThe course will be considered completed/passed only after all materials have been completed/passed and all trainings have been attended.
    Complete selected modulesThe course will be considered completed/passed after the learners complete required materials and attend required trainings.
    Course status formatComplete / IncompleteThe course score is not calculated.
    Passed / Failed (x% earned)The course score is calculated as the average of the scores earned for the required materials.