In the Course completion settings window, specify when the course is considered to have been passed: when all its materials are completed/passed and all trainings are attended, or just some of them.

By default, all materials added to the course have to be completed in order to complete/pass the course, and all trainings need to have been attended.

  1. On the course page, open the Outline tab and click Course Settings.

  2. In the Course completion settings window, choose one of the options in the Completion condition menu. Then, click Save.

    Complete all modulesThe course will be considered passed when students complete/pass all materials and attend all trainings included in the course. 
    Complete selected modulesThe course status will become completed/passed as soon as selected materials are completed/passed and all selected trainings are attended.


  1. To “complete” viewing a video, users need to view 95% of the clip.

  2. Let's say you deleted the last material required to be completed/passed or the last training required to be attended from the course, and the course status automatically changed to Completed/Passed.

    The date of the course completion will be the completion date of the last remaining required material or the date that the last required training was attended.