Specify how your students are required to take the course’s materials and attend the course’s trainings.

  1. On the course page, open the Outline tab and click Course Settings.

  2. In the Course completion settings window, choose one of the options in the Module navigation menu. Then click Save.

    FreeLearners may take course materials and attend trainings at random.

    Users progress through required course materials one after another. They can proceed to the next required material only after they complete the previous required materials or attend the previous required trainings. 


    1.  If a specific order is selected, the training attendance order depends on whether or not the administrator has selected a training session when enrolling learners in the course.

    A session is not selected

    The training in a course cannot be opened and, consequently, a session cannot be selected until learners complete all the materials that are prerequisite to the training.

    A session is selectedLearners can open a training that is within a course at any time they wish.

    2. The required materials and trainings are selected in the Completion condition menu. 

    3.  If you want your learners to pass all the course modules one by one, in the Completion condition menu, choose the Complete all modules option.

    4. If in the Completion condition menu, you have chosen the Complete selected modules option, users will need to take only those materials which are added to the selected modules list one by one.

    All other modules that are not required to complete the course will be available to your students right after they are enrolled in a course.

    The order in which trainings are to be attended depends on whether the administrator selected a training session when enrolling users in a course.