License server and iSpring Suite end product are installed separately. To get the license server installation file, please address iSpring sales and support managers. You can install the license server either on a server or computer with Windows OS. 

  1. Start the iSpring Suite License Server installation on your server or computer. To do it double-click the installation file.
  2. Check the box to accept the License Agreement and click Next

  3. Specify the port number that will allow server-to-client communication. The default port value is 9979. Then click Install.

  4. When the installation is complete, click Finish. Select the ‘Launch License Management Console’ option to open it right after the installation. The License Management Console will open.

  5. After that, go to the License tab and click Activate license.

  6. Now, insert your concurrent license key and click Next

  7. Activate your license online or manually in the offline mode. The activation process is described in detail in the Activating iSpring Suite License article. 

When the license activation is complete, you can access License Management Console. On the Console tab, you can see the list of the connected users and users waiting to connect. Additionally, you have the option to disconnect any user in the list to make the software available for other users.