A concurrent license is a software license that is based on the number of simultaneous users accessing the program. iSpring software can be installed on an unlimited number of computers, but the number of concurrent users cannot exceed the limit specified by the license. 

How does it work

For example, with a five-user concurrent license, when five users have opened the program, the sixth user is prohibited to use the software. The sixth user won’t be able to use iSpring, and has to wait until one of the five other users closes the program.

What if there are currently no connections allocated to you

If you see a message that the connection limit has been exceeded, please contact your system administrator. You will be able to connect later after one of the other users finishes his or her work with iSpring Suite.

How to install and activate a concurrent license

Installing a concurrent license involves two steps. First, install the license server, which allows you to monitor the number of connections and disconnect users if necessary via the License Management Console. Then, install the client application (iSpring product) on your computer. Both the license server and client product should be activated with the same concurrent key. When activating the product part, you will need to specify the address of the license server and a port number (9979 by default) and connect to it. Please see more details in the articles below.