Here are some ways to activate users:

In the User Information Card

  1. Go to the Personal Information tab.

  2. Click on Change next to the user status and select Activate.

  3. Confirm the activation.

In the Users List

  1. Choose one or multiple users in the Users section. Select Activate.

    Or you can click on "..." → Activate.

  2. Confirm the activation.

In the Excel file

  1. Click on Export/Import in the Users section and select Import users.

  2. Download the import template.

  3. Fill in the template with user information and change the user status to "Active" in the Status column.

  4. Select a file with a populated template.

  5. Finally, click on Import.

  6. Confirm that you would like to update your users list.


Users will change their status to "Active" and get an email with their sign-in details.