Check out the table below to find out who can add and manage users. 


Can add

Can add to

Account Owner Any usersAll departments
Account Administrator

Any users, except for Account Owner

All departments
Department AdministratorCourse Authors and LearnersDepartments they manage and their sub-departments
Custom roleLearnersDepartments they manage and their sub-departments

To add a new user:

  1. Open the Users tab and click New User

  2. On the New User page, fill in the information.

  3. If the user's role is Department Administrator or a custom role, choose the departments they will manage.

  4. Select the groups that the user will belong to (optional).

  5. Tick Notify a user by email that their learning portal was created if you want to send them an email with credentials to log in to their iSpring Learn account.

  6. Finally, click Save.