You can record audio narrations by reading aloud your text notices or any other verbal announcements and synchronizing them with your slideshow. Just click the Record Audio button to launch the Record Audio Narration wizard.


To record an audio narration:


  1. Choose the slide where you would like to record audio narration from the drop-down list of slides.
  2. Click Start record to start recording your audio narration.
  3. Click OK to apply the changes or Cancel to quit Record Audio narrations without saving any changes.

Table 1. Audio Recording Options
Drop-down Slide list            Choose the slide where you want to record audio
Start record / Next animation/ Next slide/ Stop            Click to start audio recording/ Click to advance to the next animation/ Click to advance to the next slide/ Click to stop
Show slide notes            Select this checkbox to show text notices for the slide
Process this slide only            Select this checkbox to process one chosen slide only
Prompt to overwrite existing audio            Select this checkbox if you want to be prompted to rerecord an existing audio
Settings            Click to select an audio recording device
Play/Pause button            Click to play/pause recorded audio
Stop button            Click to stop recorded audio
Left arrow button            Click to go to the previous slide
Right arrow button            Click to go to the next slide