The Publish to Video option allows to convert your presentation to an .mp4 file with all the PowerPoint effects accurately preserved in video format. You can either save a copy to your hard drive or hand out those copies.

To create a video presentation, choose the Video tab in the Publish Presentation window and follow the steps below:

  1. Choose My Computer in the Destination field
  2. Select a video profile depending on the device type

  3. Type a name for your video in the File name field
  4. Choose a local folder or a network share to which you want to save the presentation in the Folder field:
    • Type a path to the destination folder manually
    • Click the Browse button on the right of the Folder field, browse for the folder, select it and click OK.
  5. Specify the time to spend on a slide in the Playback Options
  6. Click Publish to convert your presentation to a video file

If you selected individual slide timings and set the automatic playback of the animation effects for your PowerPoint presentation, these settings will be preserved in the resulting video file. You can select different timing properties for each particular slide in PowerPoint. 

It’s recommended to use the following settings if your presentation contains animations and transitional effects:

  1. Change the start option for each animation effect on the Animations tab: choose ‘Start With Previous’ and ‘Start After Previous’
  2. Set the Duration and Delay options of each effect (if necessary)
  3. Select the 'On Mouse Click' check box on the Transitions tab to advance the slide when you click the mouse.