Your copyrights can now be protected with a watermark on your slides, password for your presentation, and playback on a certain domain.

Watermark protection of your slides

Watermark image, transparency and position are fully customizable.  Plus, you can set a web page to be opened in the same or separate browser window, when a watermark is clicked.

  1. To add a watermark to your slides, select Add watermark and select an image from your resource.
  2. Use the Position radio buttons to choose where to place your watermark on a slide.
  3. Move the Transparency slider to regulate the transparency level of your watermark from 0% (Opaque) to 100% (Transparent).
  4. Select the Open the following Web page on mouse click checkbox, to have the specified web page opened, when the watermark is clicked.
  5. To have a web page opened in a separate browser window, select Open link in a new browser window.


Password protection of your presentation

The password protects your presentation from unauthorized viewing. Users will be prompted to enter password, when they try to view the slideshow.

  1. Select Protect presentation with a password.
  2. Enter your password twice in the Password and Confirm password fields.
Attention: Please, take into consideration that the password is saved in the Flash presentation in encrypted form. There is no way to restore this password except for trying all possible alternatives.

Time restrictions

Presentation playback can be limited in time, so that it can be viewed only before and/or after specified dates. When a presentation expires, users won't be able to view it.

To add a time restriction:

  1. Select the Display after or Display until checkbox.
  2. Choose a date in the pop-up calendar.
    Note: You can use both options to specify a limited period of time when a presentation will be available for viewing.


Domain restriction

Restricts presentation playback to the specified domain(s). Generated presentation will play only in the specified domain(s) and all its subdomains. It won't play on a local computer or on another web site. Use this option, if you want to protect your content from unauthorized redistribution.

Note: This option doesn't stop a presentation from playing, when it is referenced from another domain using the <object> HTML tag.