Sometimes, content included in an iSpring Learn course need to be replaced. You can improve design, correct misprints, and add new slides, quizzes, and dialog simulations.

If an employee opens an updated course that has already been completed, the result for the course will not be reset. iSpring Learn will save the employee's best result.

Replacing Сontent Сreated as a Part of a Course

You can replace the content of the following types: PDF, Word (.doc, .docx), Excel (.xsl, .xslx), video (MP4, FLV), and audio (MP3).

  1. Open a course and click Edit next to the needed content.

  2. Then, click Replace

  3. In the Replace File window, select Browse and locate the file on your computer.

  4. Then, click Upload File.

  5. As soon as the upload is over, click Done

  6. Finally, click Save.

    That's it! You`ve replaced the content. 

Replacing Сontent in SCORM and .ismpkg formats

  1. Make changes to the content and save it in SCORM or .ismpkg formats.

  2. Then go to iSpring Learn. In the Learning Content section, click Upload.

  3. Select a content and click Open.

  4. iSpring Learn will warn you that a content with the same name already exists.
    Click Replace.

    Done! You`ve replaced the content.

Replacing Content while Publishing

You can replace content directly from iSpring Suite. Read more about replacing content in the article.

Preserving Completion Status

If an employee opens an updated content and takes it again, the previous result will not be reset. iSpring Learn will show the best result of all attempts in the report and in the user portal.


  • The status is saved only for standalone content and content created as a part of a course.

  • When you update subcontent of a course like quizzes, simulations, interactions, the course status 
    will remain as Completed. The status for the subcontent will be reset.

  • All content versions that were taken by the user are listed in the My Training History section. 

  • When publishing, only content of the same type can be replaced. For example, dialog simulations created in iSpring Suite can only be replaced by dialog simulations.

  • When replacing a content that had been copied as a linked copy, the content will be replaced in all the courses.