Under the General tab, you can change the name and description of a course, add an instructor, tags, a thumbnail and cover images, copy a link to a course, and switch on reviews.


In this section, you can:

  • edit the course title and description,
  • specify the course recommended time
  • add tags, a thumbnail image, and a cover image,
  • copy a link to view the course.

  1. The recommended aspect ratio of the thumbnail is 16:9. The size of the uploaded image should be 640*360 pixels at least, and format — JPEG, PNG, or GIF.

  2. The recommended of the cover image is 1920*500 pixels. The supported formats are JPEG, PNG, or GIF.

Course Subtitle

The course subtitle is useful when you need to specify the name of the course’s program or add the certificate reference number. Users will see the course subtitle only on their certificates.

In many training centers, the certificate is considered valid only when it includes the certificate reference number.

To have a subtitle in the certificate, add the COURSE_SUBTITLE field. For more information about creating certificates, see Adding Form Fields to Personalize Your Certificate.

Course Instructor

Here you can select a user who will be the course instructor. Your students will be able to contact them to ask questions related to the course subject.

To assign an instructor, start entering their name, last name, login, or email in the Instructor field. When the system suggests the right match, left-click it. 

You can assign as instructors users granted with roles of Account Owner, Account Administrator, Department Administrator, Publisher, or a custom role.

Learn more about this feature in the Instructors article.

Course Reviews

Enable or disable reviews for the course under the Completion tab. 

Learn more about this feature in the Reviews section