Click the Publish button on the iSpring Converter Pro toolbar to open the Publish Presentation window.

The Publish Presentation window allows you to publish presentations to HTML5 or Video (MP4) format in a couple of clicks and tune appearance settings for the output presentation.

Destination options

There are the following destination tabs in the Publish Presentation window:

  • My Computer
    Select this option to publish your presentation for the Web.
  • iSpring Cloud 
    Publish your presentation to the iSpring Cloud sharing service for public or private sharing.
  • iSpring Learn
    Publish your presentation to the iSpring Learn LMS and track users' learning activities.
  • LMS
    Select this option to prepare your presentation for uploading to an LMS that supports SCORM, AICC, Tin Can, or cmi5.
  • YouTube
    Upload your converted PowerPoint presentations to YouTube, with all effects and background audio preserved in an .mp4 format.

Also, you can publish the presentation to run in iSpring Play mobile app.

Publishing Options

If you want to specify individual settings to publish your presentation, go through the tabs on the Publish Presentation window:

  • Output Format
    Choose the format in which to publish your presentation. You can choose HTML5 or MP4 video format.
  • Player
    Customize the Universal player.
  • Size
    Choose how the presentation behaves in a browser: the display size, and whether it adjusts to the size of the browser window or scales to the specified size in percent.
  • Quality
    Change the quality settings for images, audio and video files added to the presentation. The higher the quality, the larger the size of the published presentation.
  • Protection
    Change these settings to protect your course from unauthorized access and distribution. You can protect the course with a password, add a watermark, set a time limit, and allow playback only from a specific domain.
  • LMS Settings
    Adjust your presentation to be compatible the most popular learning management systems.
  • Publish
    Specify how many slides to publish: only the selected slides, or all the slides in the presentation.